KENEKSI is a brand name created by the Chinese company Shenzhen Cheng Run Communications Device. KENEKSI is presented on mobile technology market since 2011. Today , KENEKSI smartphones and mobile phones are sold in all major networks of Russia, CIS and European countries, South America . And the company continues to expand its geographic footprint!
According to the result of 2016 more than 4,000,000 people have become users of KENEKSI devices.
Implementing the idea of advanced products, KENEKSI offers an alternative to expensive smartphones. High quality materials and components, actual characteristics and reasonable price have become the main arguments for choosing a mobile device. All smartphones support 2 active SIM cards. KENEKSI phones have advanced, stylish, high quality screens and cases that made of the best materials.

Our values

High quality
All phones and their spare parts are made of high quality materials that extends life of your device!
Catchy design
Design of KENEKSI smartphones won’t leave you indifferent! From elegant to brutal, from simple to luxury. Wide range of smartphones and mobile phones allows everyone to choose the right model.
KENEKSI products offer the most advantageous combination of price and quality. Our phones are reliability and style available to everyone.

Our mission

We explore world trends to make KENEKSI devices comfortable, practical and available. We try to become recognizable as a global manufacturer and won the love and trust of each user.
Shenzhen Cheng Run Communications Device specializes in manufacture of mobile devices under its own brand KENEKSI. The company is part of SHENZHEN SSUN INDUSTRY CO.LTD whose core business is:
- Manufacture of components for Apple, Samsung and Huawei smartphones, tablet computers and those of other world famous companies; - Construction of large commercial and residential properties in China
Shenzhen Cheng Run Communications Device Co., Ltd was established in 1997. The company specializes in the manufacture and export of high-tech products that include both the development of new products based on advanced technologies and their large-scale sales. The company is located in Shenzhen, a rapidly developing city in southern China. The main objective of the company is to create an international brand of mobile phones with the best price and quality.

The key success factor is the high level of scientific and technical base. The company involves outstanding specialists and employees in the field, which in its turn significantly affects the result in technological and design fields. 15 of 150 engineers are of the highest category, working in parallel in research labs around the world. We cooperate with well-known companies worldwide specializing in the fields of radio communication, hi-tech and software.


The factory is equipped at the latest technology level and covers an area of 10,000 square meters. The plant capacity is 1.5 million telephones per month and 20 million cases for other companies.